Wednesday 25. January from 09-14 Diploma seminar "Typology of Landscape"

This is a half day seminar made for diploma students to give them input on the typology of the landscape on a site, the physiographic conditions: Climate, geology, landscape ecology. All of this is important to consider when working on a project. There will be presentations by professionals on their topic and how this is relevant for developing an architectural project. The lectures are open for all interested students. See program.

0900-1000           Sixten Rahlff from 3rw - how this is used in an architectural practice.


1000-1100           Inger Måren, assistant Professor UiB

“ Ecology and human impact on nature”

“My research focuses on the dynamics in coupled human and natural systems, including natural resource management, agro-biodiversity, sustainable land use, ecosystem services, and food security. I work with colleagues across the social and natural sciences to elucidate links between anthropogenic activities and the environment, in Europe, as well as in Asia, North-America and Africa. These interests build on to my seeking to gain multifaceted knowledge within ecology and associated disciplines”


1100-1200           Jan Even Nilsen from Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center 

“ Sea level change abroad and at home ”  “Nilsen's work is focussed on two main subjects, thermohaline circulation in the Nordic Seas and regional sea level change.The sea level is rising due to increasing ocean temperatures and melting of land based ice. At the same time different land areas are still rising after the retreat of the last glacial ice sheets. Among other factors affecting sea level rise regionally are ocean temperature distribution by ocean currents and changing heating patterns, freshwater discharges (floods and coastal current), as well as possible changes in storm surges. In the project Sea Level Rise (Endringer i fortidens, dagens og framtidig havnivå med spesielt fokus på vestlandskysten) funded by Bergen municipality, researchers from the Bjerknes and Nansen centers aim to improve the future predictions of sea level rise for the coast of western Norway and neighbouring regions. Using all available data for the different factors behind sea level rise, the project will assess its development over the last 50 years, establish the status of today, and make projections for the 21st and 22nd century.”


1300-1400: Christian Mong  "Landscape Ecology and Urban Ecology".

"Mong is an ecological supervisor of urban development, from superior urban and landscape planning right down to project design and design of green space and gardens. The ecologist can also perform landscape analysis, mapping biological values and assist as approved ecologist in environmental certification (BREEAM NOR)."