The use of cookies and privacy on Bas’ webpage

If you are an applicant, student or employee at Bergen School of Architecture, hereafter BAS, we refer to our Declaration of Privacy.  There you can read about your rights when it comes to storage of personal data, if you are in such a relation to BAS. And your right to have this information deleted. BAS is responsible for the treatment of personal information at, and will never share this information with any other part, or use the information to any other purpose than stated in this declaration.

The use of  cookies at

The use of cookies is regulated in the Act relating to electronic communications (The Electronic Communications Act).  The use of cookies is not allowed, unless the user is informed about,  and has given consent to, what information is being used, what the purpose of this is, and who is using it.

Cookies) are files that are bing placed on your unit to gather standard information about the visitor and the use of the webpage.  Most of these cookies are necessary in order for the webpage to function properly.  This is standard technology that most webpages are using. As long as BAS has informed the user of which cookies we are using, which information we are gathering and what the purpose of this is, and who is handling this information, the fact that you are using our webpage at is a consent f0r us to be placing cookies in your browser. Further down you can read about how to change the settings for cookies in your browser.

Why is BAS using cookies?

BAS is using cookies to generate statistics for the use of our webpage

Statistic is a tool for us to improve our webpage. For every page that is being shown, the following information will be stored on our servers:

  • Which page you are looking at, what your previous page was, and where you will move to next.
  • If you have visited our webpage previously.
  • Date and time.
  • Which browser you are using, on what type of unit, and your operation system.

Your IP-address is being anonymized, and can not be connected to your person. The address is only used for troubleshooting in system errors, and the IP addresses are deleted after six days.

At the following services are using cookies:

GOOGLE ANALYTICS: is using Google Analytics to analyze how visitior are using the webpage. The information that is stored is anonymous, and can for instance be the number of page references, number of visitiors etc. The purpose is to increase the ease of use on the webpage, and to have an impression of what the visitiors find interesting. The information is stored with Google Inc.  You can deselect cookies from Google Analytics by visiting   Google

WORDPRESS: is built onWordpress as publication solution. This service is storing necessary cookies for the page to function properly.

SITEIMPROVER: Siteimprove is a tool that we use to improve the quality of the content on our webpage. (for instance damaged/non-functioning links, language and universal design.

How to change the settings in your browser?

Most browser, like Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, are set to automatically accept cookies. But you can choose to change these settings if you want to. If you do that, it could lead to not all webpages will function properly.  How you do this you can find more information about on is in Norwegian only, for English information, have a look at The following instructions are in Norwegian only.

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