Master in Architecture

About master in architecture at BAS

Bergen School of Architecture was established in 1986 in Bergen as an educational alternative to the two state educations in Norway. The school was approved by the Ministry of Education in 1990 and graduated its first batch of civil architects in the spring of 1991.
BAS educates masters in architecture, a five-year continuous study, with a scope of 300 credits. BAS is a private foundation and one of three approved architectural studies in Norway.
Please not that you will have to pay tuition fee, for EU/EEA/EFTA citizens the amount is NOK 40.620,- per academic year. If you are Non EU/EEA/EFTA the amount is NOK 307.234,- per academic year. In addition comes a fee of NOK 690,- to the Student Welfare Organization and ca NOK 300,- in copyright fee. Exchange students are exempt from paying tution fee.

Architects with a degree as a civil architect or master’s degree in architecture can become members of the National Association of Norwegian Architects and Norwegian Union of Norwegian Architects. Architect is not a protected title in Norway, and the title can thus be used freely by everyone. Only trained architects (civil architects or masters in architecture) can become members of the Norwegian Association of Architects. Architects who use the title architect MNAL are thus trained architects.

The Study plan

The study plan is a programme description that shows the entirety of the study. It describes, among other things, the development of learning outcomes and academic content.
The study plan is supplemented with annual descriptions (1st-3rd grade) and course descriptions which are more detailed information about courses and completion

The learning outcome descriptions (LUB) describe what is expected knowledge, skills and competencies a student should have after completing the study program at BAS. LUB is designed in line with the National Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning (NKR).

Final diploma work

The 10th semester at BAS is a final work on a self-formulated assignment, with guidance from an architect, artist and other consultants. The period lasts from January – June, and ends with an exam where you exhibit your project and process, and are evaluated by external examiners. Passed diploma exam gives the academic degree master in architecture

The goal: Qualification as a self-employed architect

Read Guideline for diploma project at BAS. revised November 23

Read Guideline for the selection of a Diploma Tutor and the Tutor Agreement

For viewing of previous years diploma projects, have a look under PROJECTS. There you can filer out only diploma projects, search by year, title, name, tags etc.

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