Health, Environment and Safety

User regulations at BAS

As a student at BAS, you have great freedom to use the school’s premises and equipment. It requires that you take responsibility for health, environment and safety and follow the guidelines under this tab. A possible violation of the school’s regulations may lead to a decision on any limited access to the school.


User Regulations BAS (it is safe to download the attached guidelines)


The Student Ombudsman is an independent assistance service that will help ensure legal security for our students through advice and guidance to students and staff..

Students can receive advice, guidance and assistance on rights related to their study situation and can contact the Student Ombudsman about matters that are or may be worthy of criticism in the study situation. Examples of assistance students can receive are:

  • Advice and guidance in complaint matters.
  • Advice and guidance in cases of cheating, suitability assessment, expulsion, etc
  • Assistance if a student has been harassed by fellow students or staff
  • Course on students’ rights for the student bodies at the university.
  • Make a legal assessment of the case processing in cases that concern the students.

Staff have the opportunity to contact the student ombudsman about matters worthy of criticism that concern the students ‘study situation, for guidance on students’ rights and for guidance on the rules for administrtive case processing that apply to student cases.

The student ombudsman is not a party representative in cases and does not make decisions. All contact with the student ombudsman is subject to a duty of confidentiality, and inquiries are treated confidentially. The duty of confidentiality also applies to BAS. The ombud is an observer in the Learning Environment Committee, LMU and in any cases also in the Study Quality Committee, SKU

BAS shares student ombudsman with UiB and NHH. More information on the Student Ombudsman


BAS works for a safe learning environment and we are responsible for implementing measures if matters worthy of criticism are discovered. Notify us of objectionable conditions, concerns and opportunities for improvement. Your message will be an important contribution in ensuring a good learning environment. Here you will find BAS’s digital deviation portal SPEAK OUT!

We want all students at BAS to be aware of and have knowledge of what procedures and available support systems are available when a student at BAS has challenges of various kinds.

Contingency Plan

Should a crisis situation arise, BAS has an overall contingency plan. For stays abroad, separate instructions apply for teachers and students. It must be read before departure. Furthermore, an information form must be completed and submitted. Here, the teacher is responsible for ensuring that this is done.

Remember good travel insurance and possibly contents insurance. You must also have your European Health Insurance Card with you. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like all Norwegians staying abroad to register on

Sjømannskirken’s Emergency APP is very wise to download. Here is information about local emergency services, embassies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, insurance companies and more. Also available offline.

For longer study stays abroad, one should consider enrolling in ANSA (Association for Norwegian Students Abroad) They offer good insurance packages.

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