0900-0945: Each one of the courses do a sort introduction in plenary.
0945-1500: Students and teachers split up into 8 breakout rooms. (each breakout room will have 1 project from Complex context, 1 Ocean space and 3 Masquearade + 1 tutor)
Each group project has 15 minutes to present, and 15 minutes feedback. Individual project has 10 minutes presentation, 10 minutes feedback.

Each breakout room manages their own schedule with breaks, etc.

1500: All meet in plenary to exchange findings and general discussion.

Zoom link will be provided for participants in advance.

If you are not a participant on either one of the master courses, you can contact adm@bas.org to receive the links if you want to join the presentations in the plenary in the morning and in the afternoon. (0900 and 1500) For information about the 3 master courses that are taught in the autumn 2020, please check out section 03 at this page.