Throughout the year, the 3.class at BAS has been working on urban structures and complex buildings in Fylingsdalen. They have been working with differen approaches, and formats to understadn the urban context and design the development of this part of the city.

Now they have started the work on making an exhibiton of their projects in Spelhaugen 4.

Models. drawings, maps, short movies, text and interviews are among what is exhibited.

The exhibition is open every day from 2. – 9. June between 12-16.

Free entrance, and everyone is welcome!

Opening and party will happen 2. June at 1900. DJ, FOOD, BAR

We especially welcome neighbours and friends in Fyllingsdalen, who might have seen and perhaps talked to BAS students that have been exploring the valley. We are excited to hear what those that live her think of our projects. MØTES I DALEN / See you in the valley