The main intention of this diploma is to transform a center, which lacks the ability to connect. It is about new connections, infrastructure and new public services. A fast growing center that today is “not planned” and constructed to get away by car, than to actually staying and meeting. A small community with a beautiful shoreline that has chosen the road and roundabout as the center. My project includes sketches of three new public buildings and bridges also. But most of all the idea of transforming the village of Søreide into a social, sustainable and functional unit connected to its landscape. Søreide is located 20 minutes south of Bergen city by car, and has around 5,000 inhabitants and around 13,000 who use facilities such as schools and shops. Søreide lies at the end of the Grimstadfjord and functions today as a suburban center. This is also the place I’m from

Collected memories together with local stories to show different moments of happenings and places

Along the shoreline is an older industrial building that will be taken out of operation, and which is an important resource for transformation and listed cultural heritage. In order to connect this building, including its surrounding quay and port area, its historic architectural qualities and industrial history, a new network of connecting paths and structures, both on sea and land, is proposed to activate and provide access to Søreide’s coastal identity. This route will be enhanced through a restructuring of the marina, creating pauses, social room and connectivity along, and within the established infrastructure. Principally in search for possibilities and answers within the community and context itself to be expressed.

The aim is further more to establish a new “Forsamlingshus” [ public social building] and meeting places, based on the idea of an ‘urban plaza’ as an open place of interaction, defined by transitional spaces that invite people of all ages and backgrounds to communicate on various levels.

The industrial building is soon to be a future “ghost” and is not longer in use. Its original purpose was for provision and storage of underwater cables, with its connected quays and cranes.It is the intention to let the building’s history live on into, and incorporating, the new functions associated with “forsamlingshus”.

The potential for these new social spaces, both outdoors and in the building complex, is great. In addition to meeting places close to the water, many marine recreational and physical activities are available. This diploma also shows a floating sauna that can be rented between the new future school and the industrial building and a smaller library. All features that contribute to social development in the new Søreide.