Umaga Au: to meet a horse

by Annabel Lee
Marco Casagrande
Baji Koen Park, Tokyo, Japan

A legacy project for the Equestrian Olympics in Tokyo 2020

Post-event plan with future programmes and viewing platforms

I am redesigning the venue for equestrian sports, Baji Koen Park located in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward, to serve the post-Olympic city of 2020 and beyond.

“To meet a horse”.  This Japanese idiom means “to get along”, and thus I hope to strengthen the relationship between Baji Koen Park, its equine residents, and the residents of Setagaya.  The site will be repurposed and accommodate various recreational, educational and agricultural needs for the community around the site after the Games.  The open spaces and parks will be reopened for the public and the existing boundaries between humans and horses will be reduced.  I hope to implement changes that will positively affect the use of and movement through Baji Koen.