Today we had the final day of the diploma exam 2021, and we are happy to announce that 36 candidates have passed their final exam, and are ready to go out into the world and practice architecture. The exam took place from 26.-30. June, and 2 teams of assessors have been working parallel to examine all candidates on their project. This years exam was mostly physical exhibition on BAS, but with some fully digital exceptions, and some mixes of physical and digital.

The assessors on the red team were: Anna Aniksdal, Celin Blanc (architects), Sveinung R. Unneland (artist).

The blue team: Alec Ross Andreassen, Vidar Knutsen (architects), Christine Hansen (artist)

The newly graduate masters in architecture are:

  • David Aadland
  • Kevin Maung Aye and Tord R. Træen (joint project)
  • Asem Babawat
  • Lorentz Bjelland
  • Marte Bjørge and Øystein Bøe Gagnat (joint project)
  • Bent Ståle Brørs
  • Li-Cheng Chen
  • Marte Dale
  • Lina Dovydenaite
  • Elisabeth Drønen and Thea Lindseth (joint project)
  • Mathias Frednes
  • Israa Amjad Ghozlan
  • Marius Grønn-Nielsen
  • Rasmus Lygre Gulbrandsen
  • Monika Jagminaite
  • Malin Johannessen and Anna Haveland Stevenson (joint project)
  • Andrew Kidd
  • Jakob Håkon Larsen
  • Svein Serkan Erdogan and Inga Haveland Mannsåker (joint project)
  • Soheil Nabi
  • Anne-Lea Pfistner and Annika Sakashita (joint project)
  • David Reynolds
  • Tom Ryan
  • Anna Liisa Saasvaste
  • Helga Steen-Johnsen
  • Jonar Huyn Malmsten Steinkopf
  • Julie Teigen
  • Aleksander Sund Vågsholm
  • Yuhan Wang
  • Marthe S. Wernø

The diploma ceremony and formal celebration will take place 21. August. Depending on the covid-19 regulations, there might be an open review of the diploma exhibition. To be announced in August.

We congratulate our new master in architecture and wish them all the best for the future!