The results of the 3rd year exam were announced on Friday, the 2nd of June. We congratulate all students who have presented their work, for passing the exam and completing the third year!


Mari Bergan

Vida Trulsdotter Boogh

Julie Finstad and Blenda Elin Josefin Groth Albrektsson

Alva Oleanna Thingnes Førsund

Frede Håland Grepstad

Oda Gaard Hansen

Trine Hansen

Elias Huse

Maja Sasitorn Hustad

Anna Jørstad

Brage Neslein Korsnes

Suzanne Maéla Nyquist Liengaard

Alessa Madi

Erlend Hammer Ness and Kasper Ture Harald Svendsen

Jesper Nilsen and Vilda Brekke Sundström

Karin Raniay

Marcus Ringen-Sørensen

Ida Vigdis Slettvold

Frida Irene Heldal Stray

Alv Erling Tryti Sunde

Their projects are exhibited at Spelhaugen 4, until the 9th of June. You are very welcome to visit it, any day from 12:00 to 16:00.

We would also like to express gratitude to the group of sensors this year:

Annelie Håkansson

Gudrun Molden

Celia Glanfield

Lisa Him-Jensen

Pablo Martinez Capdevila

Sveinung Rudjord Unneland