(valid from 10. December) The overall premise is that we should keep campus open but to do teaching and examination online when possible, and when on campus do it in smaller groups and make sure to minimize the contact between different groups.

• Classes and master courses at BAS should be treated as separate cohorts with mean that the final tutoring and review can be held within the class/course but not together with other classes/courses.

• The 1 meter rule has been re-introduced. If you cannot keep 1 meter, face mask should be used. We recommend the use of face masks all the time when students and teachers are gathered, both in groups and in individual tutoring.

• Teaching and tutorials that can be conducted online should do so, but as it is important to keep the school open as much as possible students and teachers can come to BAS, as long as you stay within the rules for keeping distance and wear face mask. Make sure to avoid large gatherings of people.

• The school will facilitate for students that are sick and staying at home, either in isolation, quarantine or because they have symptoms. We underline the message that all should stay at home if one has any symptoms,

BAS is planning for the start of the next semester in January, and will inform students and teachers about how this should be done by the beginning of next week.