BAS students and artists from Kunsthaus 18 Köln worked together to develop the first ideas for the inclusive Kunsthaus Kalk project. Drawings, models and film are exhibited in room 15 at the art museum Kolomba in the exhibition ‘Making being here enough’ ‘Ort & Subjekt’. The work will be on display until 14th of August 2023.

Students involved: Sofia Fredriksson, Miha Gasperin, Kaspar Gulbrandsen, Tilda Herrlin, Thea Hundsnes, Sofia Korte, Kristoffer Liadal, Chnagkun Ma, Paul Malermo, Ville Mäkelä, Kathrine Norum, Jon Martin Seternes, Hendrik Sunde, Christine Sørland, Yasuyo Tabete, Anne Vik Øglænd.

Teachers involved: Jan Liesegang, Cecilie Andersson, Auste Cijunelyte, Karen Eide Bøen

Photo: Enno Jäkel