At the press conference 12. February by the local municipality and the government, the restrictions were prolonged for another week.

The local restrictions is stepping down from a national 5A to 5C category and will be slightly eased, but this does not affect the higher education sector where all education still has to happen online. The campus will be closed for all students for another week, as a general rule.

We will be in dialogue with the course teachers to inquire if there are individual students with urgent needs, and try to meet them as far as possible, but we consider this to be a limited period of closed campus and will open for general access to the studio spaces as fast as the regulations allow us to.

We remind you that it is possible to lend books at the library- just mail Line ( with your requests and she will place the books or magazines in the yellow container outside school for pick up and delivery.

You can also borrow tools from the caretaker Isak, just send him a mail; and he will put it in the yellow container.

If you need to use the CNC machine you can contact Kjartan Neckelmann who can cut from files forwarded to him and put the finished result in the yellow container outside the school.

The laser cutter is still in the process of being upgraded and they are awaiting the last spare parts to arrive, hopefully during next week. Once they are installed, we will inform you and start laser-cutting on request from students.

The administration can always be reached by e-mail, or phone +47 5536 3880.

Do you need someone to talk to?
It is important that you take care of your mental health. The municipality, Sammen and different private organisations have mental health helplines, Do not hesitate to contact any of these if you are in need of a chat.
Municipality: 53 00 55 10 (all days 0800-2000)
SAMMEN chat line: 908 49 989. (Mon-Fri between 9AM and 6PM)
Mental helse: tlf: 116123 www.sidetmedord.
Kirkens SOS: 22400040

You can of course also contact us in the administration or Cecilie on mail or phone.

Take care of yourself!