The Opening Festival invites everyone across the years, including teachers. This year we will extend the festival’s location learning with the city of Bergen and situating BAS within it.

For this year’s Opening Festival we are pleased to welcome Stalker (Giulia Fiocca and Lorenzo Romito).
Stalker is a collective of artists, architects and researchers founded in 1995 in Rome, focused on local research and activities, with particular attention to marginal areas, mainly urban voids and spaces in transformation. Their practice is based on urban explorations, listening and interactions that enact a creative flow within the investigated area, its people and their collective memory and imagination. These processes aim at generating social and environmental relationships capable of self-organizing themselves and evolving. The activities of Stalker promote sharing of knowledge, collaborations and awareness-raising inside different communities towards their territory and their cultural environment.

  • Thursday 15.08 at 1300: Emma welcoming and sharing thoughts on the coming year. Presentation of Stalker and start of workshop. Bar
  • Friday 16.08 at 1000: Morning meeting with Stalker and start of workshop (you will be provided with lunch). Collective meeting and discussion. End of day.
  • Saturday 17.08 at 1200: Welcoming the new students. Diploma reviews (open for all). Diploma ceremony and party.