by Lorentz Kristian Handal Bjelland
Sverre Sondresen
Marco Casagrande
Bergen city centre
By 2030 Bergen city centre is to be emission-free as well as being a compact, walkable city where everything one may need is easily accessible. With this vision of the municipality and the rising awareness of climate change, the number of cars will be radically reduced in the future, and the need for parking garages will diminish.The city is an organism that has the ability to adapt, and due to the municipality`s intent towards sustainability, it needs to adapt to an increase in population, and to changing lifestyles.This project investigates possible transformations of parking garages from a building for cars into a building for people, and explores how a building relates to and complements its context.Where the city ends and the building begins will be tested, borders will be diminished and the threshold between the public and the private sphere will be challenged.