On Friday 12. November we invited our incoming exchange students, plus those that have been on exchange and are back at BAS, to present their schools. The target group was our 3rd year students that are about to decide where they want to exchange to over the summer. We were taken on a world tour, from India to Brazil, to France, Germany, Belgium, Slovenia, Spain and Denmark. Very inspiring presentations and we all just wanted to pack our bags and travel. Preparation is half the fun, so we will organize new school presentations in the spring with our new incoming exchange students. In the meanwhile, enjoy the amazing film made by Bastian Haukefær from his first meeting with India. If you are curious to learn more about any of the destinations and get in touch with the students that presented, contact administration. Thank you to all that contributed!

Watch the film “first day landing, and wandering around” by Bastian Haukefær

The administration served Norwegian waffles, coffee and chocolate.