Before the semester started, BAS organized introduction days for our new students admitted to the 4th year. This is a very diverse group with students coming from many different countries. (Iran, Russia, France, Germany, India, Finland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Belgium, Norway) Students that have their bachelor from another school contributes in a very nice way at BAS, both academically and culturally. They bring with them other impulses and knowledge, something which is of great importance to the student environment at BAS. The introduction days gave them an insight into student life at BAS, they got to know the building and our facilites, and they completed a full 3 day course in the wood workshop where they learnt to use the machines and built. The instructor Trond Oalann was very impressed by the enthusiasm and effort that these new students put down. We had common lunch the first day and got to know eachother better. We are very happy to be able to welcome our exchange students and those that are here to complete their masters degree in 2 years.

Some images from work in progress!