Bergen Municipality made an announcement yesterday that due to increased Covid 19 numbers in the area they propose new and stricter actions for the next 10 days. (until 18. September) They ask everybody to use a face-mask on buses, trains and ferries, they accept only smaller crowds, they encourage people who can have a home office to do so

If possible we recommend that you work at home for this 10 day period. At BAS we have decided to keep the school open and allow the students to continue their work at the studio when necessary. Workshops will be open. If you are to stay at school try to spread and restrict gatherings. We encourage you not to use the kitchen and to bring your own food and drink from home. All lectures, reviews and tutoring will be done digitally. The school will be closed for guests.
We hope these restrictions will be eased after 18th September, and we need you all to make an effort during this period to contribute to lowering the numbers. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Administration, BAS