by Soheil Hivad Nabi
Cristian Ștefănescu
Charlotte Erckrath
Bergen, Norway
- A Responsive Weather-Protective Envelope for Bergen City Hall This project is developed within the framework of Responsive Architecture. An evolving field of archi- tectural practice and research dealing with the design of buildings or elements that react to specific environ- mental conditions or user’s needs. There are two criti- cal components in responsive designs; the sensors and actuators. The sensors measure actual conditions such as sound, light, temperature, humidity, movement, position or speed. According to the data measured by the sensors, the responsive element reacts by chang- ing its shape, colour, position or any other property thanks to the actuator. The result is an adaptable architecture that responds to different environmental and programmatic conditions. The project has two phases, an initial research phase, exploring different modes of responsive technologies and media, such as responsive drawing and mapping. Followed by a case study, which aims to develop a spatial prototype.