The objective of this seminar with the teaching staff is to design a pedagogical programme for a BAS experimental year 2022-23, expanding on valuable principles of open form and responding directly to urgent challenges for architects. The seminar is a great opportunity for our academic staff to meet in person, to have input from different voices, and to discuss the different course structures and content of our curriculum. And not at least, an event to come together and celebrate a more normal everyday life at BAS, without all he restrictions the pandemic has put on us the last couple of years. The teachers seminar will run parallel with the student led cross courses, and we come together on Friday afternoon to present for each other the outcome of the cross-courses and the discussion the teachers have had on the Big Wonderful Experiment – a call to re-think on how we will live/learn together.

We started the first day with a Common lecture for the whole school: Benjamin Poignon from baubüro in situ, Zürich