Dear all,

We are very happy that the government announced at a press-conference today they will allow more physical teaching when it is required for the study progression in each individual institution.

All universities and colleges should still have digital teaching when possible, and large lectures should be avoided. For our sake, we think that the presence at school is very important for our students to achieve a good learning outcome and study progression and we will therefore facilitate for more physical teaching, mostly individual tutoring or in small groups. All presence at school comes with the general restrictions of keeping distance and keeping good hygiene and stay at home when you feel ill. Every course will adjust their program and facilitate for the students to work at school in periods, when needed, and with some physical tutoring either in individual or in small groups. Await further information from your teachers concerning the program in your class.

The state has defined travels to school and study as a ‘necessary’ travel, but we are also asked to continue to provide digital options for those who can not tend school physically. The dialogue on this will have to be directly with the teacher.

For the time being, Bergen is an area with low infection, but this situation can change and then we can expect to meet new restrictions on short notice.

The school is staffed, but our employees are asked to have home office when possible. It is possible to reach us at the administration office in the office hours or through mail and telephone. The library will be open as usual. The caretaker is at work every day from 9.00-15.00

Take care and be careful!