After the news this week from the authorities, we are happy to announce that we do not have to keep the 1 meter rule in our teaching at BAS. The same applies in the studios, library and elsewhere in the school.

We understand that some of our students might find this transition difficult, and we should try to respect each other, and it is full acceptable to wear face-mask and keep the distance to others if one feels more comfortable with that.
But BAS as an institution does not have to maintain the 1 meter rule in our day to day operation.

As much as possible should be physical and on campus, but we will of course try to facilitate if large groups of students are absent due to illness in one class. That will be a dialogue between the responsible teacher and the students.

It is still very important that we stay home if we have symptoms or do not feel well. Notify your teachers if you are not able to come to school. The administration would also like to be notified if you test positive for covid-19. Just send us a short e-mail.

Here you will find an overview of the current rules when it comes to testing, isolation, quarantine etc.

If you still have not been vaccinated, please be aware that vaccination is free of charge in Norway. Here you will find updated info on what do to in Bergen: