It is possible to take a break from your studies and get some work experience as an intern. Then you apply for a leave of absence, since work placement is not part of the study programme at BAS. This is something we regard as very positive, and many students choose to do so, for instance after their 3rd year exam. BAS receives funding annualy from EU to promote mobility and work placements for students. This arrangement is not for work placements in Norway, but only in other countries in EU. You are eligible for Erasmus+ scholarship for the period of internship. The host institutions for work placement could be enterprises, training facilities, research centres and other organizations. You can of course choose to take a leave of absence from your studies to do internship in Norway, but this will not provide you with any scholarship.

Internship after graduation

It is also possible for recent graduates to receive scholarship for internship in Europe after graduation from BAS. The rule for this is that you will have to end your internship at the latest one year after graduation form BAS. You will also have to sign up for this before taking the diploma exam. If you have not reported to BAS that you are interested in this before the exam, it is not possible to receive scholarship.


How much you will receive in support will vary from year to year. For 2021/22 the students will receive a monthly scholarship 460 € to Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Sweden and UK, and 410 € to other programme countries. In addition, students doing work placement will receive 150 € extra per month. Students that are in the category with “fewer opportunities” will receive an additional schlarship of € 250. In 2021 this is defined as students with minor children.

Application deadline

to report interest for this follows the same deadlines as for applying for a leave of absence. That means 1. 1. April for autumn term/ 1. November for spring term. But it is possible to report interest for internship continuously, and we allocte scholarship if we have available funding. In a short application to BAS you let us know in which country you would like to work, if you have found an office that is willing to accept you, and in which period you want to stay there.

How to find an internship?

You have to find an office that is willing to accept you. This is your responsibility. You can contact the administration at BAS for an overview of previous internships. BAS has many teachers that run their own practice in other countries in Europe. That provides a nice opportunity to find an internship. You can also search for internsnhip in these pages: (which is run by the organizationErasmus Student Network, ESN) (The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience).


You need to fill out and sign a Training Agreement and Quality Commitment, which is between the student, the enterprise and BAS. The template for this agreement can be downloadedhere. All three parts have to sign. The enterprise that is hosting the intern is committed to follow up the intern at the work place, ensure occupational insurance, issue a final document / certificate after the traineeship period. After your internship is over, you need to fill out an survey. Erasmus+ scholarship for work placement does not replace a salary, but is a contribution to support cost for living abroad. Minimum stay is 2 months, maximum 12 months. (note that 12 months is the maximum period of support for both studies and work placement) Since internship is not a part of the study programme at BAS, you will not have credits for this. But the enterprise shall give you a certifcate/proof of attendance when your period is over, and you can have it listed in your Diploma Supplement that you receive together with your regular diploma certificate.

Contact if you are interested to learn more about the possibilities for internship.