av Ragnhild Våge
not a specific location, one exploration was tested at Damsgårdssundet, in Bergen

The Anatomy of Storage Space

The storage space is a symbol of a process based on surrounding oneself in material to create more material. I have been collecting ideas about storage for six months, and storing it all. The way I organize things is in a way a personal reaction, my preferences, excuses and coincidences. I start something, leave it, find it later, continue, forget the main intention and create something else. The space that results can show, if examined patiently, a particular personality, curiosity, hope, and relationships between things that are links to other worlds and the unconscious. All these fragments are now integrated in this huge storage, one way of seeing all the different aspects of the topic and reading

Places like Norway, where it is a huge variation between winter and summer, have a tradition to use many different type of storage room (boder). A house was not just a place to rest and eat in, but a machinery for all the different levels of preparations to manage to survive; how to prepare the food, manage to keep the house warm etc. In my own low-raisedapartment from the 60th, there is still a own place for washing and drying clothes, a room for storage the fuel, a room for storage food, a room for storage clothes and other personal belongings, a bomb room, and a a drying loft.

In TEK17, there is no longer a restriction to have an outdoor room for storage, except a room for bikes and prams. Since the economy today control many of the trends in the building typology, it is maybe a question of what kind of consequence this change in TEK 17 will give us? Have we all as clean as the interior magazine is showing us, where you almost own nothing?

From my childhood, it was in the bod the project started. For me, it is a room where the individual interest and value can be expressed. It is a room that can buffer up for peoples different daily rhythms and needs. A places that creates identities and relations.
In this project I will invest in our relation to boder our relations with things and these spaces.