Tubakuba in the media

The student project Tubakuba which was nominated for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture-Mies van der Rohe Award 2015, did not reach all the way in the competiton. BAS is proud of to have been nominated, and the project has now been published in Domus, Dezeen and ArchDaily.

Open lecture 4. March at 1400: “The Co-Evolution of Life and Earth ” by the Geobiologist Bjarte Hannisdal

This lecture will explore how the evolution of life on Earth is intertwined with the history of our planet, including oceans, atmosphere, soils, and landscapes. Biological species adapt to their environment, but also actively shape their environment, sometimes with global consequences. From the inner workings of our cells, to the resources that sustain our lives, this deep history has implications for how we relate to our surroundings. Bjarte Hannisdal is a researcher at the Department of Earth Science and the Centre for Geobiology, University of Bergen.In large auditorium. Welcome

Open lunch lecture Wednesday 25. February at 1200: Urban Ecology by Christian E Mong

Urban Ecology is a subset of the science of Biology that is called Ecology. In this respect Urban Ecology is different from Landscape Ecology because the latter incorporates socioeconomic and cultural perspectives. This lecture in Urban Ecology will briefly go through the most important theories and concepts ecologists apply to the study of Urban Ecology. Two-thirds of the endangered species in a relatively sparsely populated country, Norway, live in connection with man-made structures and urbanized land. The focus of the lecture will be aspects og Urban Ecology relevant to urban developers and architects, not only what is necessary to know but also those perspectives that can inspire and perhaps fascinate. This lecture is aimed at diploma students, but open and of interest to all students at BAS. At 1200 In Large Auditorium. Welcome!

Lunsjforelesning om IAESTE-The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience, torsdag 19. februar kl. 1200

IAESTE er en uavhengig, non-profit og ikke-politisk studentutvekslings organisasjon. Studenter innen teknologi og realfag får betalt, studierelevant jobberfaring og kulturell erfaring i utlandet. De formidler praksisplasser i utlandet for studenter ved høyere norske læresteder og praksisplasser i Norge for studenter fra utlandet. Presentasjonen er ved Jonas Virtanen Utvekslingsansvarlig IAESTE Bergen. I store auditorium.