Open lecture at BAS Monday 13. March at 10.00: “Rescaling climate and energy transformation” by Håvard Haarstad, research professor at at the Department of Geography, University of Bergen.

How do we think across scale in addressing the societal challenge of climate and energy transformation? This challenge is typically articulated in broad, universalized terms – yet addressing it requires contextualized and concrete interventions, often at the local scale. In this talk, I will address the problem of working across scale as seen from the perspective of human geography, and draw on examples from research projects by the SpaceLab group at the Department of Geography, University of Bergen. We are particularly interested in how knowledge, policy and solutions are transferred and translated across scales and space. In small auditorium.

Open lecture Tuesday 21.February at 13.00 Michael Von Matuschka from BAR Architekten

BAR Architekten from Berlin is known for a number of baugruppen developed infill projects in Berlin with innovative communal areas asin the building in Oderberger strasse 56. They have also been responsible for some of the larger housing projects like the now famous Spreefeld Genossenshaft on the River Spree in addition to affordable housing with models for self-assembly and collective ownership. The Spreefeld project also offers communal «option» spaces for the city and neighborhood on the ground floor and access for the population to the land between the houses and along the river. BAR Architekten offers unique expertise from planning diverse and rich living environments and either you are working with this yourself or are just interested, this is a nice chance to get a glimpse. In the large auditorium. Welcome!