BUILDING INTERFACES within, and on behalf of, the BAS building
Master Studio Fall 2022
Teachers: Cristian Stefanescu, Emma Nilsson, Vibeke Jensen, Andrea Spreafico

Evolving from a multi sided understanding of building interfaces, the course aims to design and build new interfaces within the main hall of the Bergen School of Architecture (BAS) to provide for new relations between the bodies, spaces, and phases working within, and on behalf of BAS. Following the theme of non-extractive architecture and its implication on what it would mean to design without depletion, the course adopts three interrelated but distinct terms to frame our thinking and making: material ecology, social infrastructure, and critical spatial practice. As part of the study, a one week trip is undertaken to visit a number of projects and practices in Paris and Nantes which embody best practice and help to inform the design and build work moving forward.