What can the Palestinian landscape, refugee camps, buildings and homes tell us about the development of the conflict in Palestine the last 100 years? 

In her book, “Palestina – Fakta på bakken” [Palestine – Facts on the ground], Kjersti G. Berg explores the conflict’s impact at the ground level by zooming in on the built environment. By studying places, buildings and houses important insight into the most central elements of the conflict is gained. Elements such as Palestinian self-governance, the refugee question and Jerusalem.

Buildings tell stories bigger than themselves. They are a red thread revealing correlations between power and land control, and what colonialism, occupation and annexation means for the people living under and through it.

In this open afternoon lecture Berg will introduce her findings and open up for discussion

Kjersti G. Berg is an associate professor at NLA Høgskolen and is connected to the Christian Mikkelsen Institute as a researcher. She holds a PhD in history from the University of Bergen and has for several years researched and lectured on the history of the Middle East, the Israel-Palestine conflict, Jerusalem, refugee questions, international aid and human rights.