Presented in the Polish Pavilion, the Trouble in Paradise exhibition is a multi-threaded story about the future of communal life in the countryside, accompanied by a thorough analysis of the forms of work and life in these areas. The project calls attention to, among others, the issue of the marginalisation of the countryside; it also points out the problems faced by the inhabitants of the countryside today and shows its enormous, untapped potential. Data shows that although rural areas make up 93% of Poland’s territory, only 40% of the population lives there. The situation in Poland is an accurate reflection of global trends — around the world, the population of urban areas exceeds that of rural areas, even though the latter account for the majority of land area.

PROLOG will present the Trouble in Paradise analytical part in the form of Panorama of the Polish Countryside as an attempt to represent and understand contemporary post-socialist rural areas. Please find the online catalogue attached:

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PROLOG is a curator of ‘Trouble in Paradise’ the exhibition for Polish Pavilion at the Biennale Architettura 2021.