Anna Chavepayre, French-Swedish architect, co-founder of Collectif Encore, an architecture and landscape agency that claims the need for projects anchored in real life.

Anna’s architecture calls for space as a prior condition for freedom of usage, diversity, evolution and innovation. In an image-ruled era where only what is simplified and binary becomes visible, she values complexity, interactions, social connections, transformations and modularity. Her projects take into account all of its participants, the richness and diversity that they imply (including earthworms) and the value of everything that pre-exist the project itself.

An ardent defender of reinvented rurality, Anna received the 2018 Kasper Salin Prize, the most prestigious Swedish architectural distinction, awarded by the Swedish Order of Architects for her Hamra project, also awarded at the 2018 Swedish Design Awards and the 2019 Architectural Review House Awards.

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