av Arnulf Mårdalen Hasle
Marco Casagrande
Finse-Krækkja, Hardangervidda, Norway

Sheltering from the elements of a rough climate in a remote area at Hardangervidda, Norway

Norway has long traditions of hunting and fishing, exploration and an extensive use of nature around us and the resources it brings with it. The interest in what Norway has to offer has increased in recent decades with new records of visitors to the various tourist cabins and the famous destinations that offer exotic nature experiences. This also leads to an increasing amount of rescue missions year by year. In a report from Red Cross in 2017 they list up 225 missions only for missing persons on foot or skiing.

The possibilities of seeking shelter in such situations are still inadequate especially with the increasing amount of people who use the mountain, and the need for emergency shelters is therefore, more relevant than ever. This applies not only to the most popular attractions but also to the more remote areas of the mountains.
Through research and conversations with The Norwegian Trekking Association and Norwegian Red Cross I chose to focus on the trail between Finse or Krækkja at Hardangervidda for my project. This is a location which is a popular trekking andskiing destination, but also has challenges in distance and weather conditions which lead to dangerous situations and a discovered need for shelter.
On this stretch I found two situations close to the trail appropriate for planning a shelter. My main focus has been on one of these sites, designing a site-specific emergency shelter that will provide for the most basic needs, as well as a smaller intervention at a second site.
The main shelter has been designed in a way that makes it possible to connect several modules together, as an idea to accommodate different uses, however on this site it should only accommodate for an emergency purpose and not make a large intervention on the landscape.