Social inclusion & integration

av Cheng-Han Lee
Christof Mayer
Arna, Bergen, Norway

The process of redefining the identity of reception centers in Norway.

The new reception center is a place for everyone and also a place to encourage asylum seekers to have hope for their future life. Through the daily social interaction in the community, asylum seekers are building up their new identity in the home called “Norway”.

The main idea is integrating the reception center into the local community by deconstructing and reorganizing social and functional spaces from the center.

Reception centers are the first places for asylum seekers when they arrived in Norway. It represents the value of humanity that how Norwegian society treats outsiders who are looking for support. During the long process of waiting for the result in the reception centers, architecture is in a crucial position to support asylum seekers to keep positive thinking and to help them do not lose their identity.

The idea is to renovate the existing reception center which needs to be considered a new home not the institution for asylum seekers. In the limited budget, how to build a reasonable and homely environment to encourage asylum seekers to escape from depression in the long process of waiting is the main mission of the project. Besides, the new type of reception center should be opened to the public which gives the functions for the public using and make the opportunities to let asylum seekers interact with local people, then, to understand each other deeply. The invention will base on the interview with people who are living in the reception centers in Bergen and some employees who are working in the reception centers to get the insight what are the problems of the living condition here.