Outgoing Exchange

Exchange study from BAS

Once you have completed 3 years of study at BAS, you are eligible to appy for exchange for 1 or 2 semesters. For the students that we admit to the 4th year (that have a bachelor degree already) that are here to complete their masters degree, they are able to spend 1 semester abroad as part of their degree.

There will normally be several students interested in the same partner schools, and this could be a problem. Therefore, we will have an internal application round where you have to notify us and BAS will nominate the students.
Some schools will accept only 1 student from BAS, others 2. For schools that are very popular, there will be an internal selection round where BAS will choose the candidate that can apply.

Erasmus+/bilateral agreements/guest studies:
BAS has several exchange agreement, here is an overview of our partners. You could either go to one of our partner schools in Europa that we have an Erasmus+ agreement with. That means you will receive scholarship from Erasmus+. Or you could go to one of our partners outside Europe where we have an bilateral agreement. (no scholarship available) It is also possible to go as freemover/gueststudent to any architecture school in the world. Then separate rules apply for recognition at BAS after return, among other that you have to submit portfolio for evaluation. It is the same if you go to AHO or NTNU in Norway. For all of the above mentioned, the rule is that you have to pay tuition fee to BAS for the semster(s) that you want to have as part of your degree from BAS.

There will be an internal nomination process, and you will have to notify administration by 1.March /15. September about your intentions for exchange/guest study in the upcoming semester. You need to list in priority order the schools that you are interested in, how many semester, plus a motivation letter. After you have been approved for exchange, BAS will nominate you in case you are going to one of our partners, and you can continue the process. All schools have different deadlines and requirements for the application process – this is something you have to investigate into yourself, preferably in dialogue with the international coordinator at BAS. Some schools ask for more extensive materiale, i.e portfolio, recommendation letter etc, so it is wise to start your preparations early. if you are applying as a guest student (not part of BAS agreement scheme), you have to find all relevant information yourself. BAS will of course assist you in the required documents that BAS must provide for you, but it will be expected that you take charge yourself of the process. In general, for all types of exchange, we expect you to be very motivated and independent in the process. That is part of being mature enough to go abroad.

Contact the administration for more information about exchange. We have several reports from previous students that have been abroad. Every year we try to arrange lectures and an international day in order for you to learn more about your possibilities.

Internship thorugh Erasmus+:
It is also possible to receive scholarship from Erasmus+ for doing internship. Please note that this is not part of your degree at BAS, and that you will have to take a leave of absence. Here you can find more info on internship.