11. August we conducted a postponed diploma examination at BAS. 3 new candidates are ready to go out and be Masters in Architecture. The recent graduates are:

  • Inger Helen Øvrebø
  • Sara Boukili
  • Tina Athari

The assessor team consisted of Anna Aniksdal, architect from Norway, Jesper Magnusson, architect from Sweden, and Kjersti Sundland, artist from Norway.

A total of 30 candidates will be on stage Saturday 20th August in the evening when we have our diploma ceremony and celebration.

The whole diploma exhibition will be open for the public from 21. August until 28. August. For details on this, please check out this link.

The assessors Jesper Magnusson, Kjersti Sundland and Anna Aniksdal together with the candidates.