Today we had the final day of the diploma exam 2024, and we are happy to announce that 30 candidates have passed their final exam, and are ready to go out into the world and practice architecture. The exam took place from 26.-30. June, and 2 teams of assessors have been working parallel to examine all candidates on their project.

The assessors on the red team were: Thandi Loewenson and Sindre Wam (architects), Brian Griffiths (artist).

The blue team: Sebastian Østlie and Anders Johansson (architects), Katrine Hjelde (artist)

We appreciate the great job our external assessors have done, and are very happy for our newly graduates. The diploma ceremony will take place Saturday 17. August. The exhibition with all the diploma projects will be open for the public from 18.-25 August. Further information regarding opening hours will be announced beginning of August.

Congratulations to all!

The newly graduate masters in architecture are:

  • Absalonsen, Iselin Furøyen
  • Beverfjord, Inger Halvorsen + Hatteland, Sara 
  • Buriak, Kyrylo 
  • Delbecke, Milan + Jaghouar, Adam 
  • Dikvold, Fredrik Grindstrand
  • Domino, Emma Esmeralda + Garrido, Maia 
  • Furnes, Evelyn Ruth + Lamprecht, Clara 
  • Hellesø-Knutsen, Lars Hallaråker
  • Heuvel, Matilde Cutler van den
  • Indrearne, Petrikka Høvik
  • Lervik, Sindre Cornelius
  • Lindahl, Håkon 
  • Lysgaard, Petter Olsen + Træland, Emma 
  • Puntervoll, Martin Håland
  • Roalkvam, Jarand Ellingsen
  • Romanov, Serhii 
  • Sandanbråten, Truls 
  • Skeie, Guro Haugo + Stenersen, Maren 
  • Suikkanen, Emma Elina
  • Sund, Ole Nåvik
  • Sørbø, Vetle 
  • Wieërs, Elisabeth 
  • Øvreås, Morten 
  • Åmodt, Sia Helene Sundgot

The assessors: from the left: Katrine Hjelde, Brian Griffiths, Anders Johansson (not in the picture: Sindre Wam, Sebastian Østli, Thandi Loewenson)