On Saturday 20th of August we ended our 3 day BAS Opening Festival by celebrating our recently graduated masters in Architecture. 31 candidates have passed their final exam, and will go out into the world to practice architecture. In front of family, friends, students and staff at BAS they received their papers that end 5 years of study at BAS. We wish our recent graduates the best of luck in the future, and congratulations from all of us at BAS!

The recent graduates are:

  • Airola, Atso Ilmari
  • Alvær, Steffen Marøy + Kverneland, Maren Mohn – joint project 
  • Athari, Tina
  • Asheim, Håkon
  • Boukili, Sara
  • Fosmark, August Kraft
  • Hagatun, Christine
  • Harðardóttir,Guðrún
  • Haukefær, Bastian Düvet 
  • Herrlin, Tilda Linnea 
  • Inalu, Camilla Nneka
  • Ivashkevich, Aleksandra
  • Kierulf, Katarina + Larsen, Alvar Elias Ekhougen – joint project         
  • Laupsa, Mari
  • Leivdal, Bjørn Are 
  • Liadal, Kristoffer Apelseth + Seternes, Jon Martin – joint project
  • Lockert, Silje Helen Sundal
  • Ma, Changkun
  • Nitter, Tora Marie Larsen + Roscher, Maren – joint project
  • Nygård, Frida
  • Senneseth, Mads Michael
  • Solveigarson, Sturla Hrafn
  • Stunner, Trine
  • Sørland, Helene Christine + Thoner, Maria – joint project
  • Øvrebø, Inger Helen
  • Åtland, Ingeborg Katie

Photos: Øystein Larssen