Raumlabor Berlin with two BAS professors Jan Liesegang and Christof Mayer have been awarded the Golden Lion for the best participant in the 17th Exhibition How will we live together?

Instances of Urban Practice is an «inspiring collaborative approach that argues for participation, regeneration and collective responsibility, resulting in two projects that are a model for imaginative civic revitalization.» Read more about Instances of Urban Practice

raumlaborberlin (Berlin, Germany)
Instances of Urban Practice Andrea Hofmann (Germany, 1969), Axel Timm (Germany, 1973), Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius (Germany, 1968), Christof Mayer (Germany, 1967), Florian Stirnemann (Swiss, 1976), Francesco Apuzzo (Italy, 1972), Frauke Gerstenberg (Germany, 1968), Jan Liesegang (Germany, 1968) and Markus Bader (Germany, 1968) Venue: Corderie of the Arsenale


Congratulations from BAS!