A future in ruins

av Sindre Odd Kartvedt
Sverre Sondresen
Marco Casagrande
Toftestallen / Øygarden

Exploring the possibilities for a new wave power plant and a visitor centre at Toftestallen

With 2/3 of the earth’s surface covered in water, ocean waves represent our planet’s last untapped natural renewable energy resource. The waves hold tremendous amounts of energy”. With this project I want to explore the possibilities for a new wave power plant at Toftestallen in Øygarden

A new power plant at Toftestallen, based on the concept of a «Slotcone generator».

Besides being profitable for Øygarden municipality, this will be a place where people can observe and learn about wave and ocean power. My proposal consist of 3 autonomous power plants. (2 new plants, and 1 to be restored.) In addition to this I want to create a new view point and a visitor centre where people can enjoy the site from a sheltered atmosphere
The plants are meant to be a prolonging of the existing landscape. Not invisible, but shaped in a functional way. Both in terms of wave harvesting, but also in a way that makes people want to observe and interact.
The centre is inspired by the old power plant and the rocky terrain in its orientation and form.
It has several rooms with different functions. A sensory room, a multi use room that can host conferences, art exhibitions, and other happenings. An open area that functions as an extended flexible room for events in and around the building. A museum and observatory – a walk through the history of the site, the past, the current and the potential future development.
My project aims to maintain the way people use the site today, and to facilitate for other activities as an open public space. A chance to explore the site through both new and old structures.