av Jonas Granøien
Eva Kun
Nygård, Bergen


The project is to be understood as a concrete speculative approach to situations attached public transportation, and the light rail infrastructure in Bergen specifically. As an overarching concern, I have been working with modes of staying in transit, with intention to utilize temporal timeframes where movement breaks and comes to a stop. The project seeks to bring importance to ways of communication, were platforms of and for waiting becomes a basis, suggesting how variations of people, behaviors and intentions, come together in shared moments of diverse travels

As an urban intervention, I want to suggest a counter- respons to efficient and single- purposed platform- constructions, solely made for reaching destinations. Potential occurrences of random events and encounters become the means to how typical waiting- situations are utilized In the creation of temporal forms of architectures.

Waiting, pausing and appearances are overarching thematics, and acts as objects of study. The way these thematics come to expression is understood as constructions- elements for emerging architectures in transit.

Glimpses and gazes in transit
Glimpses and gazes in transit

Existing platforms and ambitions:

As efficiency stands as authority for public transportation, practical concerns of reaching places, diminish waiting- platforms as pure necessities. This creates spaces that are solely concerned with transportation, and becomes places we only seek out too, in order to get away from. As a respons, my project works on integrating waiting- platforms as a part of the urban environment, by also considering other forms of movements and occupations. Instead of diminishing waiting platforms as necessities, I want to embrace the qualities of these spaces as breaks to continuous movements, forcing a disruption, a change of rhythm, and a break of habit. As a consequence, the phenomena of waiting becomes an opportunity for a wider range of diverse experiences, that acts as collective engagements across variations of necessities, plans and intentions.

Interests and intentions:

I have been interested in working on how mundane situations of behavior and communication could be the means of architecture to establishing social encounters. Instead of thinking architecture as the structures built around these situations, my project suggests how architectures emerge and become essential fabrications that formulates waiting, pausing and appearances. The ambition of the project is therefore to find a balance in urban development that are attractive and engaging, while simultaneously becoming the means itself that shapes and articulates how we wait, how we pause, and how we appear. This is where the project expands the very idea of a platform, and how architecture enters the plural form of architectures. Movement and the break of it becomes a dialogue between someones absence and how space and time is utilized in their potential appearance and presence.


The site is located at Nygård, Bergen, and sits in the periphery of the city center, attaching to both urban and recreational environments. The project is constructed trough a wide sidewalk with near proximity to the light- rail platform, were it acts as an indirect and supplementary attachment. By working with a site articulated as a passage, I want to further emphasize how the project is developed for situations related to movement.

Spatial engagement:

Trough 4 distinct interventions, I am creating various situations were staying and moving are intertwined as a relation. This is understood as a balance between passive and active environments, both in terms of program and circulation. These relations are focused on how various zones attach, and how they support and supplement each other for potential encounters to emerge. This is not only to be understood as spatial configurations, but rather how spaces are configured to suggest possible ways for people to meet as a part of transit