av Tilda Herrlin
Joakim Skajaa
Jan Liesegang
Damsgårds Hovedgård in Bergen

A room, the entrance hall to a building in Bergen, is read by an architecture student through several interpretations. She is on the search for an open and thorough reading of a space. Each interpretation is a repetition of the space represented. But for each repetition the space represented changes. Making her re-orienting within the room as well as her work.

: Model. Cotton fabric dyed with blueberries and turmeric. Frame of pine wood, carved in ends

This work is a series of interpretations that orients around my experience of the entrance hall to Damsgårds Hovedgård in Bergen. These interpretations are readings of the space. By making I try to understand an experienced architecture. Following, the reading of the space becomes productive as other forms and objects emerge from the study.

Examples of techniques used for the interpretations are; drawing, printing, embroidery and wood-carving. The materials used include paper, textiles, wood and plaster. The works can be read as a family where each representation more or less relates to the others. They are representations of the experienced space, however at the same time things within themselves.