Underground Resistance

av Jonas Høiness
Vibeke Jensen
The Anthropocene

Underground Resistance is an open-ended, non-linear, interdisciplinary research project aiming to learn better resource management from fungi – the best resource managers on the planet.

Non-linear fungal exhibition space


Fungi is the essential infrastructure of healthy ecosystems. They deconstruct dead matter, recycle, collaborate with the plants and animals around them and redistribute the available resources so that the entire ecosystem may thrive.

Interdisciplinary research into human production of trash and fungi in their natural ecosystems generated five topics of interest that were thus explored non-linearly through a process of making, re-making, and fungal modes of exploration.

The project unfolded (and keeps unfolding) gradually, expanding outwards in all directions with no clear end goal other than building strong relationships of mutual benefit to the living and non-living entities it encountered.

This approach transmuted trash into opportunities, generated multispecies spaces and initiated conversations and collaborations with companies working within circularity, food production, unconventional materials and even accounting. It cleaned mental clutter in a Swedish forest, dived into numerous waste containers and produced over 1.2 tons of a biomaterial made from only cellulose rich industrial waste and fungi.

Graciously supported by:

Hella Sopperi – a local gourmet mushroom farm that donated enormous quantities of Spent Mushroom Substrate

The Kombucha – an organic kombucha brewery in Bergen that donated 100kg+ of SCOBY and some bottles of delicious kombucha

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