With BAS Opening Festival we celebrate the beginning of a new academic year. It is also the the ending of a Big Wonderful Experiment. This calls for reflection and debate. What have we learned? How do we move forward?

Elke Krasny is invited as a guest speaker, Bergen Asssembly will pay us a visit, as will two new friends, artist and curator Ravi Agarwal and writer Adania Shibli. We will engage in creative making and thinking, cook, eat, play and party!


0900 Welcome

Talk by Elke Krasny, professor, feminist, cultural theorist, urban researcher & curator, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

1100 Gathering of groups, start up work

1230 Lunch + Warsaw game

1330 Work within each group

1800 Dinner


0900 Morning Coffee/tea.

Work within each group

1200 Lunch

1300 Learning from BWE, year 1-3


1415 Learning from BWE, master studio courses.


1530 BWE & beyond

Introducing Bergen Assembly

Presentations by Ravi Agarwal and Adania Shibli

1630 End of day


1200 Opening of the new academic year

welcoming of new students

1400 Open Review of the Diploma exhibtion

2000 Diploma Ceremony