Belonging – a story about change

av Pia Eide
Marco Casagrande
Vibeke Jensen
Dyrteigen, Askøy, Norway

How do we continue belonging to the same place, how do we belong somewere new? How are we belonging as we are, human with our life, senses and relationships? How are we belong in the space we live our life?

Clay, soft and beautiful starts the life innocently pure, taken out from the earth, touched by hands shaping, air drying, water soothing. By time hardening, until sand will fly in the wind.
We as humans start our life like the clay full of potential, the wind and the water is our senses, the hands our relationships. We can become safe, good, kind people. or not. It’s our choice from the time we grew into the largest flock on earth. We need to know what we believe in.

In my diploma project, I believe in us shaping our spaces for life, the way we build, the scale we build, the programs we have, It’s our life, as human we only have one. But as species, we will live until the planet has no will for us anymore. I believe in the close intimate relationships with our senses, our relationships and emotions to be the starting point of a regenerative life on earth.