On the threshold

av Israa Ghozlan
Héctor Piña
Eva Kun
Bergen, Møllendal

How to avoid the formation of closed and segregated societies? How to create a sense of belonging to a new place? And where to start?
In this project, my focus is on neighbourhoods, as integration starts from the place we live in. Togetherness starts in our houses and their immediate surroundings, they are the birthplace of our sense of belonging to the place and community.
The plan is to establish an attractive neighbourhood for both locals and immigrants. The idea is based on the principle of co-living which is used to increase the possibilities of interaction. This is achieved by having different levels of shared-spaces, facilities and common activities.
Site in Møllendal, Bergen, as this area is under development. According to the municipality’s plan, this site is open for development in order to explore new ways of living in the city. The plan from the municipality aims for sharing services, creating new types of co-housing and new common areas and relations between people across age and background.

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