Sound of the Seascape

av Jonar Malmsten Steinkopf
Sverre Sondresen
Trudi Jaeger
Laksevåg, Norway

– Rethinking the future of the seafront and framing the sea through sound

The personal motivation for the diploma was to follow my instinct to work with sound. I wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate my final project as a student, as this might be the last. I didn’t know where this project would end up, and it took some unexpected turns. This resulted in my diploma to investigate a method of using sound to draw, develop form and as a source of inspiration and to discuss development along the shoreline in a larger context. However I still wanted to come up with a proposal and get as far as possible with the time I had and the project concludes as a comment on how we can better plan the way we develop by the shorelines in the city of Bergen through the practice, time and sound.